What is the process of how seats are assigned? were they the ones from last intake who did not get seats as well? or does it depend on our evaluation?

Answer: We determine seat offer eligibility based on qualification date which is the date that you meet all of your admission requirements or the date you apply to the program, whichever is earlier.

Approx how many seats are in waiting and how many seats are distributed per intake? would you be able to give us an approx time frame? my classmates and I applied for this Sep (fall) and January 2020, would we be likely to get a seat on the next intake?

Answer: There are 35 seats for each intake and we currently have over double that amount who are qualified for Fall 2019 but are on the wait-list. If you have already reapplied for Spring (January) 2020 and you were still qualified when you applied then your chances are good for getting a seat offer for Spring. If you haven’t applied yet I know that the applications are coming in quite quickly now that everyone has gotten the Fall update, so I can’t say for sure how good your chances will be.



今月の頭にSeat Offerのメールは来たのですが、2月に既に2020年の1月intakeがopenしたので、結果もまだわからないうちに申し込んでおきました。


こうしてただ待っているのもつらいので、最近は本気でThompson Rivers Universityを考えだしました。



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